MYCANOE Duo - Folding Canoe for Two

MyCanoe Duo is the latest generation of MyCanoe’s award-winning folding canoes.

If you want company on your adventure, or prefer the flexibility of having a second seat in your fold up canoe, the Duo is perfect for your watersport adventures.

The award-winning, lightweight, TUV safety certified, and patented origami design turns into a beautiful 14.5 foot folding canoe in less than 5 minutes. It is a high-quality performance origami fold up canoe that stores in your closet and fits in most small sedans.

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  • Canoe Assembled: 14.5 ft. long x 35 in. wide
    Canoe Folded: 36" x 27" x 10"
    Weight: 43 lbs.
    Weight Capacity: 2 people (and a pup!), up to 520 lbs
    Set-up time: 5 minutes
    1. Much improved maneuverability, stability, and tracking
    2. Patented design and single-seam construction for easy assembly and folding

    3. Two seats with pads are included
    4. Double-layer marine-grade custom manufactured polypropylene hull that is rated for 20,000 fold cycles
    5. Improved gunwale system is compatible with most off-the-shelf accessories

    6. Enough storage space for pets, coolers, and camping gears (Maximum loading capacity is 480 lbs)

    7. 15-year UV treatment and marine-rated structures and materials

    8. Designed for open water and up to Class 2 Whitewater
    1. Compatible with our optional MyCanoe Rowing Kit
    2. Compatible with the optional MyCanoe Stabilizer Kit available for added stability for rough water or active fishing 

    3. Paddles not included

Lightweight & Strong

More gear, more adventures. Only 43 lbs and with a load capacity of up to 520 lbs, MYCANOE can carry all your passengers and gear.


Constructed from custom marine-grade materials, the Duo’s fold up canoe hull can last many years.


MyCanoe comes with a 1-year warranty. For full details, read our FAQs.


MyCanoe has a 30 day return policy. For full details, read our FAQs. If you cancel your order, there will be a 2.9-4.9% transaction fee that our payment processing company doesn't return. Please make your purchase carefully.

Don't take our word for it

Where will MyCanoe take you?

Watch MyCanoe in action

Our award-winning, lightweight origami folding canoe is designed for open water and can last many years. Watch this video to see MyCanoe in action.

How to Assemble MyCanoe

Our 14.5 ft. canoe can be assembled in as little as 5 minutes. Watch this video to see how easy it is to set up.

MyCanoe Duo Review

Watch Cool of the Wild's full and honest review of the MyCanoe Duo.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
David Mildenberg

We are avid campers and had been considering some kind of boat to explore different lakes around California. We live in an apartment in OC, CA, and we don't have the space to store a canoe, nor do we have means of transporting it, so we were looking to buy an inflatable boat. We're very happy to have found the Duo Canoe instead. It's perfect for our family of 3 and our dog.
The initial setup was not so easy considering the material is stiff, but we managed regardless. My wife and I took our 6 year old daughter and our large German Shepherd out on Hume Lake, and had so much fun. We are not experienced with canoes, but it seemed pretty easy to row. I was initially concerned that it wouldn't be stable, but we had no problems. It felt very stable and secure. Folding up the canoe was also a bit of a challenge the first time, but that is only because we didn't read the manual till last minute. On our next outing, setup and folding was pretty simple. It is fairly light to carry, and compact enough to fit in the trunk of most any car. We now just keep it in the trunk of our SUV in case we just feel like hitting any of the lakes we pass by while driving. We really wold recommend this to any family who enjoys the outdoors. This will just add to the fun of every outing.

customer service not very responsive

Customer service is not very responsive. I have been trying to get a replacement part because of the damaged part I received but I am still waiting for their response to my request.

Great invention

This is a great canoe. My kids love it! I was able to carry it in my trunk and unfold in 5 mins. It's very stable. My kids and myself can stand on it and paddle at the same time. It was a great purchase!

Paris merin

I'm a canoeing newbie and am finding this canoe to be so much fun. Have cruised tandem and solo on gentle lakes, it very stable and easy to use. Initial setup was a challenge for me, this company kindly offered a video chat to help. I figured it out on my own and moving forward set-up has been a breeze. Thank you so.much for a wonderful product!

Mathew Xiong
A convenient Canoe!

This is a great canoe to get out on the lake or river! My first time assembling did take roughly 30mins watching the how-to video while folding and pulling straps. The folds are much harder as it was a first time. After that, it took maybe 5mins or less with 2 people to assemble it. The amount of time you would load a regular canoe onto your car would pretty much be equivalent to this one. Canoe is fairly stable, I didn’t notice much difference when on a sun dolphin canoe, but there is definitely less leg. What I mean is the seat is maybe a foot higher above the floor. I noticed it kind of felt like I was sitting on a very low chair close to the floor and my knees were slightly up. Vs a regular canoe my knees would be lower. I do wish some straps were not Velcro as there was a time the canoe was folded but the strap kept coming undone while assembling on land. I retighten everything and it kept coming undone. Maybe it was a user error but everything was folded correctly all the way so I think it would’ve been better if it was clips on top of the Velcro as a second precaution. This was the very back Velcro strap when you fold the flap over to make the stern or hull. I haven’t tested out the durability as I have been extremely careful. Seeing how it’s two pieces of plastic held together like cardboard but strong plastic I wouldn’t recommend anything crazy with it. I have only taken it out 2 times so only time will tell how this holds up. In conclusion you’re paying for convenience or having a canoe you can fit inside your car and bring around.

Charles Rasmussen

MyCanoe Duo is a great canoe. It is easy to transport and folds quickly. On the water, it tracks well and is easy to maneuver. The canoe is very stable. The hull has some flexibility, which seems to be helpful especially when going through waves. I highly recommend this boat.

I thought that folding the canoe the first time was a bit tricky. After a few folds, it is much easier.

James Mistarz

Well manufactured and well thought out: Mycanoe not only is well made. To me it’s almost aerospace grade type quality. It is also well thought out. Things go together logically and with an eye toward the most structurally sound way to put it together.

Mark Thomas

Everything we hoped for: We bought the MyCanoe Duo and took it out for its maiden voyage this week. It took a bit to figure out the setup and takedown the first time - there are some 3rd party YouTube tutorials that are more helpful than the official one. But on the second time it took about 10 minutes for each, and we can definitely get faster.

It is wonderfully light and handles well. We can store it in our city apartment, throw it in the car, drive to a lake and be out on the water with minimal effort.

David Gordon

I have been out in Mycanoe several times now. Though mine is a Duo, I have been using it solo. I put a full 7-gallon plastic water container in the bow, ahead of the front seat, to keep the bow in the water and avoid catching any cross breezes. This arrangement works great. The canoe paddles easily, is stable, and tracks fine. I bought the duo because I intent to use it for flyfishing and wanted the extra room and cargo capacity that a Duo provides.

So far, I have been using Mycanoe to explore bodies of water I always thought were intriguing but had no ability to access.

Very happy with the canoe.



P. W.

We are proud owners of a MYCANOE Duo. This canoe is really awesome. We have tested it intensively during a few weeks in the far north of Europe. It is easily transportable, quickly assembled and amazingly stable, even when used by one adult together with two children. On the various lakes it was the ideal means of transport to explore the impressive landscape. The price-performance ratio is really good. MYCANOE is very reliable and offers good support. We really appreciated that they arranged for our canoe to arrive in due time before we started our adventure to the far north. Many thanks to the team of MYCANOE.