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DAVID M. (Katoomba, AU)

- Great service and communication
- Great delivery process
- Great product
- Great buying experience


Dave R.
Prefold and you're good to go

The canoe handles great and is well described in the other positive reviews out there. I caution the new purchaser to prefold all the seams before taking it out. There are small triangular tucking folds in four places that are particularly hard to fold the first time. I ended up getting them started and finishing the job with a wood clamp; they're that tough. MyCanoe folks: a factory prefold in these spots would be IMMENSELY helpful. The only other thing I'll add is that a heavier person (I'm 220 lbs) will be less able to stand-up paddle as the canoe flexes more for us. A great boat though and very fun.


Love the canoes. I don't have space for a full size rigid canoe. First time was a challenge as the material is stiff, I asked questions and support was right with me ! On the water it track well and feel right. After 3 times I got my assembly time down to 5-10min, for reference it took a good 45min to get it done the first time. Would recommend !

Reda R.

Surprisingly rigid. It took over 30 mins first time but I am now able to put it together under 5 mins. Would have been nice for cup holders to have been included. Tracks well.

Elka L.

We love this canoe. Perfect for us as we have a family of 5 and a camper. We travel all over the place and until now didn't really have a way to transport canoes. Now, with the ability to pack these away we can travel with 2 of these without issue! Quality design and handles really well. I am able to put my 9 year old in the front without issue. Looking forward to a summer of fun with these!