MYCANOE 2.5 Plus Rental


This item is for your Try-Before-You-Buy Program for MYCANOE Plus model.

1. You will have 7 days form the arrival to paddle.

2. If you like to keep it, your rental fee will be applied to the purchase of the canoe. If you don't like it, you return it (we will provide a pre-paid return shipping).



  • If you choose to return your boat, you need to either drop it off to a nearest shipping carrier or to a secure pick up location. 
  • If you like the boat, but want to return it for a different model, we can do that too! We will provide you with a code for the amount of the rental and that will also be taken off any other canoe or boat purchase you make. You still have to return the rental boat, as described above, but we will ship you the model you really want. 
  • If you do not return the boat within a week of the return date, we will charge your card in full until the boat is returned.


    MyCanoe 2.5 Plus is an award winning, lightweight, patented, and TUV certified origami folding canoe that turns into a 14.5-ft canoe from a carrying case. All the specs are the same as MyCanoe 2.5, except Plus model comes with a rowing system and a pair of oars. The rowing system allows you to attach two oars for long trips or those who want to row instead of paddle which is great for solo paddlers.

    Plus comes with two seats, two oar locks and two oars. Please visit FAQs for additional details.

    • Patented design and single seam construction for easy assembly and folding
    • Double-layer marine-grade custom manufactured polypropylene hull 
    • Marine-rated structures and materials
    • Adjustable seat locations
    • Enough storage space for a cooler and fishing gears 
    • Optional stabilizer kit available for added stability for rough water or active fishing

    Free shipping to lower 48 states.


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