From a Carrying Case to a Canoe in 10 mins

Carry Less, Explore More!

Carry Less, Explore More!

Award winning, patented, and TUV certified.

MyCanoe easily folds up into an easy to carry package. So it'll be ready for adventure when you are.

See Reviews from MyCanoe Owners

See Reviews from MyCanoe Owners

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  • Durability:

    The body of the Mycanoe and Mydinghy is made from a custom polypropylene with a 15 year UV treatment that is rated 20,000 folds!

  • Convenience:

    Quality 14 ft canoe in 10 mins to assemble and 5 mins to fold it back to 37 x 25 in box.

  • Performance and versatility:

    Award winning, TUV certified, better or comparable with traditional canoes. Optional stabilizer, oar lock kit, and motor for fishing and other activities.


We've come a long way to design MyCanoe and trust you will enjoy it. Our commitment to ourselves and to our customers is that we will continue to invest in getting better, both individually as human beings and as stewards of the MyCanoe brand. We will strive to make our products perform better and last longer, explore new materials and manufacturing processes that lessen the impact on the earth, and we will invest in our people. It is our belief that the products we make are a direct reflection of the health, well being, and happiness of our internal team. Our culture is our brand.



  • Canoe looks & moves great and feels really sturdy... All the materials appear to be good quality and made with high standards... considering its portability and convenience (and fun to show off!), I would rate it 5 stars.

    Frank Casey

  • The canoe is rigid, comfortable and fast... it paddled amazingly! Quality material, fast on the water, lots of storage, stable, tracks straight and edges pretty well, too.

    Paul Wilson

  • This canoe is absolutely fun to paddle, sliding great through water. Lots of storage for two adults and two kids. I really like that they use the carrying case cover as a canoe floor. Clever! ... Can’t wait for a longer trip!

    T J