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MyCanoe Solo 2: Origami Folding Canoe Boat

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Experience the perfect blend of convenience, performance, and durability with our lightest canoe design.

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Warranty: MyCanoe Solo 2 comes with a 1-year warranty.
Returns: MyCanoe Solo 2 has a 30 day return policy. For full details read our FAQs. If you cancel your order, there will be a 2.9-4.9% transaction fee that unfortunately can't be refunded.

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Sherie T. (Calabash, US)
Exceeded my expectations!

I am very satisfied with this purchase and foresee getting a whole lot of use out of My Solo2 Canoe for years to come. It is a genuine portable boat--very stable on the water, even with an antsy 35lb dog on board and a heavy dry bag full of gear. That being said- I think you need a little experience to begin with in kayaking/ canoeing basics to really enjoy this boat properly. Keep all of the weight balanced and know your own tipping point. Folding and unfolding is easy peasy as long as you follow the directions. If I could change anything about this design I would have thrown in a backrest at no additional cost as part of the package.
If you are a paddler who wants a convenient, portable boat, don't think twice!

gordan s.

I have the 12 foot portaboat, tucktec, my canoe two man, and the green thing I got few years ago.
They all take to long to build. When it's 80 to 100 degrees outside no way. Yours is easy and seems pretty durable. I have been to over 80 lakes in nebraska and i will test in some of these. I am sure I will get many questions from spectators. A backrest would be nice.

Samuel C. (Denver, US)
Great canoe!

The MyCanoe Solo2 is amazingly lightweight and portable. I do a lot of travel with a pop-up camper, and I can take this canoe with me and not have to deal with any racks or other simply fits in my camper or in the bed of my truck! It was a little difficult to set up the first time, but it is surprisingly rigid for an origami canoe and tracks quite well for its size! I have been canoeing for over 40 years and have done everything from serious whitewater canoeing to flatwater canoeing for flyfishing. The MyCanoe Solo 2 is a great new addition to my canoe collection!

Susan B. (Waterloo, US)
Solo2 As advertised

I am a long-time canoer. A 19 lb. canoe that folds to fit in my small car allows this old timer to get back on the water. Short canoes wiggle a bit, but after a little practice, I was able to control the direction. I encourage MyCanoe to consider adding a pre-folded service for an additional fee. Hire some athletic young people to unfold and refold the boat a couple times. At 72, I have pretty good upper body strength (I'm a lap swimming) but still found the folding a physical challenge, especially that little seat flap. Also, I was unsure as to some the folding directions and hesitated out of fear of folding the canoe wrong direction. I helped build my own home in my 50s, so I'm not clueless, but I feared I might damage the canoe My first voyage was an enjoyable one. This is a clever design. I would buy it again-if I didn't have to fold it! Thank you. Susan

Kimberley S. (Wellesley, US)
My absolute favorite folding canoe

Watching the folding-canoe/kayak market evolve since that first "Mycanoe" prototype in Knoxville TN has been a wonderful experience, and with this latest version, Mycanoe absolutely has a winner! Took me 5 mins to get from folded-up "suitcase" into the water my 2nd time out, and she handles great, packs up well, and is MUCH easier to carry around on commuter rail, bus, and subway than other folding boats I've tried. And she has the easiest build of all of them (I've tried three brands of folding boats, plus an inflatable.)
Mycanoe, you have a winner! Congratulations.