FAQs About MyCanoe Solo and Duo 2-Person Folding Boats - MYCANOE

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Getting Started

Your canoe has to travel the country or sometimes even the world to get to you. Shipping costs vary depending on your selection. You'll see your options once you proceed to checkout.

International Shipping

Ironically, your canoe is probably traveling across the ocean as a box. So, it'll take 5-10 days to arrive. Don't see your country? Reach out! We most likely can ship to yours.

We were informed that simplyduty.com is fairly accurate for estimating your fees. MyCanoe is made in South Korea and the HS Code for MyCanoe is 8903.99.

International customers are responsible for any applicable import fees and taxes. The fees are case by case and we are not able to provide detailed information for each country. Currently, MyCanoe is made in South Korea and each country sets its own import fees and taxes. 

United States

If you're in the states, your canoes are shipped from our warehouses in the country. It takes 2-5 days in transit.


If you're in Canada, please allow 3-7 days in transit.

MyCanoe will be shipped from the U.S. The price you see on our website can be either USD or CAD depending on your browser. We were told by Canadian customers that they paid 5-15% taxes of the invoice amount. We report $450 for Duo and $300 for Solo as customs value in our international invoice. We were also informed that simplyduty.com is fairly accurate for estimating your fees. MyCanoe is made in South Korea and the HS Code for MyCanoe is 8903.99 and other kits are 8903.10 which is Duty free.

Accessory Transit

Although we ship them altogether, multiple packages often travel separately. You may receive one package first and still be waiting for the others. Please allow 1-2 days for all the packages to arrive. Our system may not email you all the tracking numbers. Please reach out if you have questions!

The first time is always the hardest! Remember, your canoe just traveled the country (or world) to get to you, so they may be a little stiff. Assemble and disassemble at home before your trip, so you get the hang of it. Allow for 45 minutes the first time. After a couple uses, it'll get easier and take two-three minutes.

Before you start! Please watch our assembly and disassembly vidoes. You can find them here.

Need assistance? Reach out to support@oricanoe.com. Our team is small but diligent, we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Yes! You are guaranteed product free of defects in materials or workmanship for up to one year from the date of its original ship date.

If you see something, let us know! Email photos and videos of the defect to support@oricanoe.com.


If your product is found, in reasonable judgment of our team, to be defected in materials or workmanship, it will be repaired or replaced under MyCanoe's discretion.

Inspection & Replacement

When a replacement is necessary, you will receive a Return Authorization Number and promptly ship the product to MyCanoe, using prepaid postage. We will inspect the product and it will be considered for warranty coverage. All covered repairs or replacement products will be made at no charge during the warranty period.

This Warranty Does NOT Cover:

Products used for commercial or rental purposes; normal wear and tear, including punctures, cuts and abrasions sustained in normal use; damage caused by accident, neglect, or misuse; damage caused by improper storage, maintenance, or handling; damage caused by extreme weather or environmental conditions, including white water conditions; products that have been structurally altered or modified; damage caused while the product is in possession of a freight carrier or party other than MyCanoe; cosmetic wear, abrasion, or damage caused by excessive UV exposure; and products determined to have been used for any activity other than an activity that is intended or customary for the product.

Limitation and Disclaimer of Implied Warranties:

To the extent permitted by applicable laws:

  • MyCanoe does NOT make any implied warranty of merchantability as to any product or part, whether or not the product or part is covered by any express warranty herein;
  • MyCanoe does NOT make any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and there are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face hereof;
  • In those jurisdictions where the implied warranties may not be disclaimed, any implied warranty is limited in duration to the duration of the express warranty described in the warranty statement. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations may not apply to you.

No liability of incidental or consequential damages:

The repair and replacement remedies described in this warranty are the owner’s sole and exclusive responsibilities. In no event shall Mycanoe be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

We are proud to announce that Ottawa Valley Air Paddle is now carrying MyCanoe. If you're in Canada, shop here.

The Origami Canoe

Tested and approved by institutions and professionals, MyCanoe has been reviewed by prominent voices in the outdoor community. Check out our feature in Men's Journal.

We craft each origami canoe by hand with custom marine-grade polypropylene using a 15-year UV treatment. What does this mean? They're durable and resilient to the elements. Our designs are TUV safety-certified, so you can paddle with peace of mind.

MyCanoe is designed for calm open water and some have paddled it in Class 2 whitewater.

But, MyCanoe is not designed for whitewater. It’s hull is very sturdy against impact, but NOT against sharp edges. 

Materials & Treatments

MyCanoe is made of a 5 mm double-layer custom polypropylene that is lightweight and extraordinarily strong. It is manufacturer-rated for 20,000 fold cycles. We've tested in a various water/weather conditions with no issues. It's hull is durable and resistant against impacts, however, not as scratch resistant as fiberglass canoes. Avoid rocks, sharp gravels, and other blunt objects in the water.

Ideal Environment

Although tough, our canoes are designed for calm, open waters like rivers, lakes and gentle parts of the ocean. With the proper love and care, MyCanoe can last for hundred of thousands of adventures.


Every component piece of the canoe can be replaced in the event of breakage. Contact us if you need a replacement!

Yes! Salt water will not damage the canoe.

Proper Care

Make sure to rinse the inside and outside of the hull, all joints, parts and accessories after each use. Dry before folding.

No. The stabilizers are optional for adding more stability for stand-up fishing or rough water.

With some tender love and care, your canoe can last up to 20,000 folds.

We recommend treating your MyCanoe as you would a fiberglass, wood, or skin-on-frame canoe.

  1. No dragging and try not to smash into sharp things.
  2. Store your canoe out of direct sunlight.
  3. Rinse the entire canoe thoroughly with fresh water after each use.

MyCanoe is comparable to a rigid canoes - quite stable. Crafted with custom marine-grade materials, our canoes move just like a traditional ones.

Common Causes of Instability

If you feel your canoe is not stable, please make sure that your canoe is assembled as instructed. Have questions? Please reach out to support@oricanoe.com and we can walk you through the process.

Make sure the end of 4 gunwale caps are inside of canoe and under the straps. See how it's done in this document or watch how we do it in this video.

Experience Levels

We strongly recommend that inexperienced paddlers go with a companion, and  don't attempt to use the MyCanoe in conditions beyond their skill level. 

Yes, our origami boats are buoyant and will float even if it capsizes.

However, we recommend taking every safety precaution, including wearing personal flotation devices and floating bags.

Do NOT strap heavy gear to your canoe in case of an overturn! This will change its ability to float and you may lose both the gear and canoe.

No! Bent keel/flap on bow and stern is common and normal due to the folding mechanism. Simply straighten it by pushing it to the other direction. It is okay to push it all the way to the other side until it stays straight. 

Our canoes are manufacturer-rated for 20,000 fold cycles with proper care - that's a lot of folds!

Of course! As long as your adhering to the canoe's capacity limits, your dog is welcome.

Many MyCanoe owners routinely paddle with their pups. Don't worry about their claws, our canoes are tough.

Your canoe's hull identification number (HIN) is on a small tag located near bow or stern.

Yes! MyCanoe can be checked as luggage.

Plane Protection

The best way to protect your canoe during transport is to cover with a protective material (e.g. blanket).

Of Course! We recommend our stabilizer kit for added stability when fishing. Once customized, you can even stand up! See MyCanoe out fishing here.

With minor modifications the MyCanoe can even be outfitted with a rod holder.

Yes. With our optional stabilizer kit, you can stand in and cast your fishing rod.

Yes. We recommend a small lightweight motor to properly protect the hull and gunwales from damage. SailboatsToGo.com has motor bracket that fit with our canoes.

Try to avoid rocks. However, if you do hit one, you and your canoe should be okay and well on your way. MyCanoe is built with strong marine-grade materials, designed to be resilient to the elements!

While the hull is extremely durable and unlikely to get a hole, if that happened, simply use the included repair patch. Contact us at support@oricanoe.com if you have any questions.

Yes. MyCanoe can be stored either assembled or folded for months. Just make sure to avoid direct sun exposure and store in dry, cool storage space. 

Yes. As long as you can find correct hardware (clamps, support, hooks, etc.), our canoes are fun with a light sailing set up.

We recommend SailboatsToGo.com for kit that work well with MyCanoe.

Watch MyCanoe sail here.

Sorry, not right now! MyCanoe comes only in white with light blue accents.

Yes, our two piece paddles and the oars in our rowing kit are buoyant and will float.

Inflate about 70% and attach the stabilizer using the built-in buckles. Finish inflation and tighten the buckles. Watch it done here.

It is common to show a few minor scratches and marks. We inspect / test all of canoes before packing. During the manufacturing and test, minor scratches can happen.

MyCanoe Duo comes with two seats and MyCanoe Solo comes with one, but you can use a stadium portable chair on the canoe floor if necessary.

Yes! MyCanoe Duo and Solo canoes have a space for you to kneel and paddle. See it paddling here.

MyCanoe has handles at the bow and stern, but no yoke.

Yes, Buckle Up!

The two straps near the bow and stern must be buckled.

No, Your Choice.

The strap in the center is not necessary, but it does help form the canoe shape and add tension.

Paddling during winter is okay!

Folding In The Cold

we recommend assembling and disassembling in room temperature.

This is especially important if it's your first time assembling. The canoe can be stiff during the first fold and below freezing temperatures can make it brittle and easy to break.

Yes! Go comfortably.

MyCanoe Solo 2 has a custom backseat and footrest accessory.

MyCanoe Duo doesn't have a backrest yet, but this seat fits well on it. This seat is mainly for use as a backrest when you're not paddling.

Returns & Refunds

We're sorry to hear you go. Since we're a small team with others orders to process everyday, a cancelation can loose us time. Therefore there is a cancelation fee of $100.

Keep in mind, payment processing is a separate charge from the processor (e.g. PayPal, Shopify, and Visa) that we don't have control over. The 3.9 - 4.9% payment processing fee, depending on your payment method and location can not be refunded.

Return Within 30 Days

If your canoe has shipped but remains unused (must look new with all inner and outer packaging materials), you can return your order within 30 days.

There is a 10% restocking fee and both shippings (outbound & return) are paid by the customer.

Returned Product

Once returned, the product will be inspected. If the returned item is not in the original condition (e.g., scratches, missing and/or damaged parts, etc.), we will not issue a refund. The customer is responsible for shipping costs to receive the item back to you.

Contact Us For Eligibility

To find out if you're eligible for a return and to obtain a Return Authorization Number, please contact MyCanoe by email at support@oricanoe.com, and include the following information: Name, Order number.