Try These 5 Places for Your MyCanoe Solo or Duo Folding Boat in Spring - MYCANOE

February 12, 2019

Spring is the best time of year to see beautiful scenery and explore the river, lakes, and oceans around the world. If you own a foldable canoe, traveling with your canoe on different canoe trips is simple! Just load it in your car, unfold it in less than ten minutes when you arrive at your destination, and paddle your way through nature's wonderful sceneries. 

Paddle upstream and downstream

Add these five locations to your spring bucket list and get ready to unfold your foldable canoe! 

1.  Juniper Run Ocala National Forest in Florida: Canoe through clear waters.  Juniper is a narrow waterway that flows under beautiful trees and greenery.  Enjoy 7-miles of paddling in the sun!

2.  Indian River Canoe Trail in Michigan:  The 51-mile canoe trip is best explored at the end of spring.  You'll experience a variety of paddling paths, from marshlands to canyons to hills.  

3.  Tyger River Canoe Trail in Sumter National Forest in South Carolina:  Head down south for a calm, relaxing paddling trip.  You'll find a lot of marsh-like areas on this paddling trail. Spring is the best time to float down the Tyger River because of the fast-moving flatwater. 

4. Clearwater Canoe Trail in Lolo National Forest in Montana: If you like mountains, you'll love the Clearwater Canoe Trail. The waters are slow-moving, allowing you to take in the breadth of nature views. 

5.  Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit in California and Nevada:   If you haven't canoed Lake Tahoe yet, then you're missing out.  Not only does the lake have incomparable views, but it offers hiking and camping options, too. You'll find yourself surrounded by clear waters and mountains. 

There are plenty more paddling trips to explore that aren't on our list, but these five paddling trips will give you a variety of waters and land to explore. Bring your foldable canoe and paddle on!

Beautiful sceneries as you paddle through America's favorite bodies of water.