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November 21, 2018

Award-winning, patented, and TUV certified.

MyCanoe easily folds up into an easy to carry package, so it'll be ready for adventure when you are.

The true test of any product is its positive reviews. When we launched MyCanoe, most of our customers were the first to test it out. It hadn't been sold in the market yet.  Over the last few years, we've collected many positive reviews from customers. We hope to continue to improve the design to ensure perfection on the water. 

Why do adventure enthusiasts love MyCanoe so much?

"MyCanoe is innovation and pure joy. What could be better than packing up the camper and popping the canoe in with the rest of the gear?" - Sara

"I love my folding canoe! I travel alone in my camper van and didn't want the hassle of roof mounting, extra windage and big lifts by myself. I can easily get it in and out of the storage bay under the bed. It's easy for me to assemble. It is light and I can get it into the water on my own. It handles well and I can single hand it without difficulty." - Laura

"Innovative, stylish and highly functional. First time assembly was straight-forward. Once put together, the boat was stable and surprisingly quick. I opted for the oarlock kit, and that is by far my favorite feature! Secure and very easy to get up to speed!  Also, a special note recognizing the ingenuity and strength of the seats - awesomely stable and yet easy to get in and out of the boat!"-Noah

"This canoe is absolutely fun to paddle, sliding great through water. Lots of storage for two adults and two kids. I really like that they use the carrying case cover as a canoe floor. Clever! ... Can’t wait for a longer trip!"-TJ

"This is awesome. We fit it into the trunk of a Toyota Corolla. Got it put together in no time. It feels just like paddling a conventional canoe, but it's much easier to carry and pack around. I put it together myself and disassembled it myself as well with no problems at all." - Kate

We encourage you to try MyCanoe out for yourself! With our buy now, pay later option, you can experience all MyCanoe has to offer today. 

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