Customize Your Folding Canoe With the Right Accessories - MYCANOE

April 16, 2019

See ya, spring!  Summer is here and that means it's paddling season.  But, it may be time to step up your paddling game with some new accessories to improve your paddling game and change things up a bit.

How can you jazz up your foldable canoe?  Check out the accessories below:

1.  Add a sailing kit to your MyCanoe.  Transform your canoe into a sailboat with the Sailboats To Go sail kit.  Just clip it on and in a matter of minutes, you'll be smooth sailing.  Voila!  Two boats for one!


man in mycanoe duo 2 person canoe with sail


2.  Buy a motor plate for your electric or gas engine motors. A motor plate can help your MyDinghy move better and quicker.  MyDinghy has an inside built-in plate and you need one of these optional plates for outside of the boat.

motor plate for mycanoe duo 2 person canoe

3. Invest in dry bags. Nobody likes wet gear! Whether on land or water, keep your gear dry and functioning with the MyCanoe dry bag. Secure it to your canoe and you won't have to worry about your phone, clothes, and other nonwaterproof items!

dry bags for mycanoe folding canoes

4. Get the right paddles.  Did you know all paddles are different?  It's important to get the paddle that is the right length for you.  Our 2-piece paddle set lets you bring along a friend or allows for a backup in case one of your paddles goes afloat!  Want to know more about paddling?  Check out our blog post here

5. Take a seat! Add an extra seat for a third friend!  MyCanoe can hold up to three people (up to 400 lbs).  Bring all your friends! When you load multiple paddlers, the optional stabilizer kit is required.

extra canoe seat for mycanoe duo or 2 person folding boat

Are you ready to take your MyCanoe to the next level?  It's paddle season!  Let's go!