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November 16, 2016

Although paddling may look simple to those without experience, dedicated canoers understand that paddling, steering, reading the water, and other important paddling skills can actually take years to develop and a lifetime to master. In addition to these necessary abilities, there are a few other areas in which every serious canoe enthusiast should possess basic competency. In this article, we will suggest a few highly useful skills:


  1. Swimming. Anyone who is going to be in and around water should learn the basics of swimming. Even though you should certainly be wearing your lifejacket while out on the water, knowing how to swim will help you move from point A to B much faster, which could be important in an emergency situation. Which brings us to the second point:


  1. Rescue. Swimming is one skill: swimming while helping another person is something entirely different. (And far more challenging.) Nonetheless, it is a very important skill to master, and at the very least it will grant you a bit more peace of mind.


  1. First Aid/CPR.One last skill directly related to emergency mitigation is CPR: this important procedure is quite easy to learn and can make a real difference in life or death situations.


  1. Tying knots.Tying knots can come in handy in a wide variety of situations: from towing another water vessel, to setting up a tent, to hauling a large canoe, this can be a real life saver. (Though it is worth pointing out that, thanks to innovative new canoe models such as the MyCanoe, hauling a vessel is no longer the monumental challenge that it once was!)


  1. Pitch a tent.To continue with a subject mentioned briefly in the last point, pitching a tent is another skill that does require a bit of practice and learning time, but can be very useful once it is mastered. Camping and canoeing often go hand in hand, especially on those special ventures out to state and national parks, and this is a skill that will likely serve you for many years to come.


  1. Starting a campfire.Another important facet of camping that can also be important if you ever do find yourself in an emergency situation.


  1. Fishing. Canoeing in rapid waters can bring a real adrenaline rush, but for those who prefer a more laid-back day out on the river, lake, or open sea, fishing can be the perfect complement to a lazy afternoon or quiet morning. Learning to fish entails a wide variety of practical and psychological skills ranging from patience, to dexterity, to a good eye, but, like all talents, acquiring this ability comes down to a question of hard work and perseverance.


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