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November 10, 2022

Fishing and canoeing go hand in hand, but not everyone has the space to store a full-sized canoe at home. Also, canoes can be tricky to transport to the lake for your fishing trip. However, the solution to transporting and storing your fishing canoe could lie in the form of a folding canoe. 

In the past, inflatable and folding canoes were a compromise and best suited to general recreational paddling. But the MyCanoe Solo and Duo folding canoes offer much more, making fishing by canoe more accessible.

What Is A Folding Canoe?

Man rowing a foldable canoe to go fishing in a lake

Let's go into the details of the best folding canoes to give you a complete picture of what they are.

They Are Compact

Small fishing canoes are nothing new, but traditionally, they are rigid structures made from hard fiberglass. This proves a problem if you have limited storage space or a small car.

foldable fishing canoe with life jacket and paddle in front of a lake and mountain

This is where folding canoes come in. These small portable canoes pack down to a small size, making it easy to find somewhere to store them at home. Their compact size also means you can carry them to the waterside in small cars.

Once you get to the water, you unpack the canoe and assemble it, ready for a day on the water.

Folding Canoes Are More Durable Than You May Think

Modern folding canoes are usually made from polypropylene that stretches over a wooden or aluminum frame. This combination creates a durable hull that lets you enjoy the water in many ways.

How long a folding canoe lasts depends on how many times you fold and unfold it. This is because the creases in the material become weaker over time.

Foldable fishing kayak in water

Folding Canoes Perform As Well As Traditional Canoes

A folding canoe can rival the performance of traditional canoes. Their lightweight design means that with a bit of practice, you will be able to paddle just as fast, if not faster, than someone in a regular canoe.

The performance characteristics of a folding canoe are not restricted to speed. They are also just as spacious as regular canoes, so you can carry everything you need for a day on the water, including fishing equipment.

folding kayak for fishing next to wood canoe

You may also be surprised by how maneuverable a folding canoe is. Their agility makes it easy to get back on course after a wave or current diverts you. It also makes getting into position easy when you've found a great fishing spot.

The MyCanoe Origami Design

Both versions of the MyCanoe use an innovative origami design. These folding canoes use a double polypropylene skin, 5mm thick. This stuff is incredibly strong while being lightweight.

The material is good for 20,000 fold cycles, making it durable enough to last many years. The durability also means that these folding canoes are resistant to impacts, making them much safer than inflatable canoes.

foldable canoe for fishing

These folding canoes are perfect for paddling on calm rivers and lakes. But you can also use them in the ocean if the water isn't too rough. 

The origami design of the MyCanoe folding boat means that you can set it up in less than 10 minutes. The more you use it, the easier it is to construct, as the material becomes softer and more flexible around the folds. With a bit of practice, building a MyCanoe becomes much quicker than pumping up an inflatable.

Is It Hard To Fish In A Canoe That Is Foldable?

The MyCanoe is one of the best ways of fishing by canoe. Of course, you have the benefit of being able to get your foldable canoe to the water in the first place. But once it's floating, you'll be surprised at how suited it is for fishing. Here are some tips for fishing from a canoe:

1. Make Sure You Get The Most Stable Canoe You Can

The first thing you need from a foldable canoe for fishing is for it to be stable. There's nothing more annoying than getting dunked in the water by a rogue wave while trying to catch fish. Therefore, the MyCanoe is super stable, making it one of the best rated fishing canoes.

foldable canoe for fishing with canoe stabalizers

If you like to stand up while fishing, you can add the optional stabilizer tubes to the sides. These inflatable tubes are located so they don't get in the way, but add extra stability to an already stable vessel.

2. Ensure Your Folding Fishing Canoe Is Large Enough

Some small fishing canoes don't have enough room for all your rigging, making fishing and canoeing frustrating and more challenging. If your folding canoe is large enough, you can fit everything you need, including rods, bait, and beers.

It would be best if you also prepared for all the fish you catch. Therefore, you need space in your canoe for whatever methods of storing your catch you prefer.

mycanoe foldable canoe for fishing

With this in mind, the MyCanoe Solo measures 10 feet long, giving you plenty of room for coolers, camping gear, and fishing equipment. Alternatively, you may want to go for the Duo, which is 14.5 feet long and has a maximum loading capacity of 480 lbs. This has enough space and weight capacity for two paddlers and a dog, making it one of the best tandem canoes for fishing.

3. Drift As Much As Possible

The high level of maneuverability you get from a folding canoe like the ones from MyCanoe means you can easily paddle to the best fishing spots. But once you're there, you'll stand a better chance of getting a bite if you stop paddling and drift silently. This is because your paddles scare the fish away. Still, if you drift too far away from your favorite spot, you can gently paddle back without disturbing the water too much.

Final Thoughts

Fishing from a folding canoe is not only possible but an enjoyable experience. These excellent small portable canoes make it possible for more people to spend time on the water.

They are convenient, portable, and stable in the water, putting them among the top rated canoes for fishing.

Check out the options on the MyCanoe website, and see which of the folding canoes would suit your needs best.

my canoe folding kayak for fishing on the water