Kickstarter Launch on February 15 - MYCANOE

February 05, 2017

On Wednesday, February 15th, we plan to go live with MYCANOE Kickstarter campaign.  You will be able to pre-order your canoe on There will be limited early-bird specials.   

What is Kickstarter?  It’s a crowdfunding platform that helps new products come to life!  Rather than founders having to come out of pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars, it allows backers to pre-order the product for a short period of time.  We will use the pre-order funds to mass produce MyCanoe.  This allows us to buy materials and supplies at better price, thus lowers your price.  Everyone wins.  If you order in February you’ll have your MYCANOE by April - July, depending on how early you reserve your canoe. There are limited quantity early-bird specials.

If we fail to meet our funding and pre-order goal, Kickstarter will refund your money back.   

So why should you pre-order and not just wait to buy later?

First, helping us to make our dream comes true. By pre-ordering and supporting our campaign, we can lower manufacturing costs.

Second, savings for you.  You’ll get your canoe at a much lower price.  You will also have a chance to order your custom printed canoe. The pre-orders will receive a $550 discount.

Thank you again for all your support and encouragement.