Here's Why You Should Get a MyCanoe Solo or Duo Folding Canoe - MYCANOE

February 11, 2019

There are foldable chairs and foldable umbrellas.  There are foldable tables and even foldable bikes.  But, the newest foldable item on the market?  A foldable canoe for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. 

For a long time, canoes have taken up large amounts of space in homes, and have been heavy to carry. Their designs didn't cater to those who lived in apartments or didn't have a place to store them.  Hours were spent tying canoes to the top of cars because their trunks weren't large enough.

And everyone accepted that this is the process you have to go through if you want to go on a canoeing trip, whether it be long or short.  That is, until a team in Knoxville, Tennessee said, "No more!".

They spent four years coming up with a design for a foldable canoe, a canoe that could be stored in closets, fit in the back of your trunk, and be easily assembled at a time's notice. Finally, in October of 2015, the design was executed and what came to life was named MyCanoe. 

designers inspect mycanoe foldable canoe

Carrying a canoe was always a two-person job, but now with MyCanoe, it became a one-person job. 

The canoe is made of a double layer of five-millimeter polypropylene and weighs 52 pounds, plus optional paddles. It can hold up to 440 pounds, or up to 750 with add-on stabilizers. In 10 minutes it can unfold into a 14.5-foot canoe, seating two and is able to handle a trolling motor.  A buy now, pay later option is also available to help get MyCanoe in the hands of adventure enthusiasts everywhere. 

As one MyCanoe user put it, "No issues with it, and it has traveled through the Rockies to numerous lakes and rivers, fishing and just floating. I should have bought one of these years ago if it was available, but I recommend this to all my mates as its lightweight, easy to assemble, sturdy, reliable and safe. Very happy with the purchase...thank you again for the great canoe and all the hard work you put into the design."

mycanoe duo two seater canoe with stabilizer

What's next for MyCanoe?  Time will only tell.  For now, you can get deals on MyCanoe and other MyCanoe adventure products when you sign-up for the MyCanoe newsletter.

Until then, adventure on.