5 Reasons Why Outdoor Adventurers Love Our Folding Canoes - MYCANOE

July 02, 2019

Calling all adventure enthusiasts! What's on your outdoor gear bucket list? Whether you're the overnight camping type or just enjoy short day trips, there are five reasons why you need to consider a foldable canoe for your next paddling trip. 

As one foldable canoe owner put it in their recent review, "Innovative, stylish and highly functional. First time assembly was straight-forward. Once put together, the boat was stable and surprisingly quick!"

Have we convinced you yet?  

canoer in red in mycanoe duo 2 person folding canoe

1. Foldable canoes take up less space.  Owning a traditional canoe takes up a lot of space in a home.  In fact, those who don't have a garage or large storage space find it difficult to own one.  MyCanoe folds into a 37x25 inches when in a box.

2. Foldable canoes take less time to assemble.  Traditional canoes require a lot of stops - two people to tie it to the car, two people to carry it, slow, long walks as you carry it to your destination.  A foldable canoe can be put in the car and easily carried to your destination.  From there, it only takes ten minutes to assemble. It's ready for adventure when you are!

3. MyCanoe is award-winning and TUV certified.  Our foldable canoe, MyCanoe, had won several awards including the Core 77 Design Award in 2017 and rated a Top Product in 2017 by Boating Industry. Its TUV certification means it has been tested by some of the top product testers in the world. 

carrying bag for mycanoe duo 2 person folding canoe

4. A foldable canoe allows for you to go more on adventures.  Paddling trips are fun but take time.  Getting your gear ready is an entire process.  MyCanoe allows for you to pick up and go on an adventure whenever you want.  

5. You'll look modern and cool on the water.  A foldable canoe is convenient, but it's also stylish.  We all love checking out each other's adventure gear.  A foldable canoe 

Does it sound like you need a MyCanoe? MyCanoe also offers a buy now, pay later option. What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!

mycanoe duo 2 person canoe on river bank