MyCanoe 2021 Shipping Updates - MYCANOE

September 24, 2021

Update on Sept. 30: We were told that our container will be delivered by next Tuesday. We should be able to start shipping the end of next week. For those who placed pre-orders will receive a PayPal invoice for balance payment. Once we receive the payment, we will ship it out within 1-2 days. If you have any shipping address changes, please let us know.

Update as of Sept. 28: We were told that our container will be available on Oct. 1. We should have the container delivered to our warehouse sometime next week. Please read related news:

Update as of Sept. 20: The vessel with our container has docked in Los Angeles! We are waiting our container discharged for a pickup. It typically takes 7- 9 days. 

Update as of Sept. 14: Our vessel had a couple more delays and it's expected arrival to LA is 9/21. 

We have received unfortunate word that our vessel needs to be quarantined for 14days due to a confirmed COVID case. Our vessel is now scheduled for a sail from our manufacturing facility in South Korea to Los Angeles during Aug 31 - Sept 14. This shipment contains large number of units and accessories to fulfill all pending orders. The congestion at US ports (especially west coast) is heavy and it will take 14-18 days to move the shipment to our warehouse. This means that we will be able to start fulfilling your orders during late-September, if everything goes the way it is planned.

For those who have made a second payment in Canada, please see an update here.

Orders with accessories: Some of you have received only canoes. We will have these shipped out during late-September.

** The shipping dates mentioned above are estimated shipping dates and we can't guarantee the delivery date, thus if you have any upcoming trips, please make your plans flexible.**

Thank you for your business, patience and understanding through these unprecedented times.

Team MyCanoe