MyCanoe Foldable Canoes Modernize Classic Folding Boat Design - MYCANOE

August 24, 2016

Whether you’re a hiker, swimmer, boater, or picnicker, one thing is certain: the more portable the necessary equipment is to lug around, the better—especially for those of us who don’t have a trailer to haul a boat. The Rev. E. L. Berthon must have certainly had this in mind when he invented a folding canoe featured on the cover of the June 21, 1879, Scientific American Supplement.The Berthon’s version, of course, had many challenges to dealt with. After 130+ years, here comes MYCANOE!  MYCANOE is an award winning collapsible canoe made to carry with you wherever you go. Here are a few things that make MYCANOE great.



Designed for Convenience

MYCANOE is one of the most convenient pieces of outdoor adventure gear available today. It is made to quickly fold and unfold, for easy transitions between the water and dry land and stow away in your closet. Fully extended, it is 14.5 feet long, with two seats designed for comfort and stability. Folded up, it is small enough to carry around.


Built for Durability

Despite being sleek and lightweight, MYCANOE is also very durable canoe you can invest in. Its body consists of a tough custom polypropylene that can withstand pressure and buffeting, and can last years on end without degrading or tearing.


Practical and Useful

Whether you are a full-blown canoeing enthusiast, or simply a parent looking to have a good time with your kids, this is a canoe built to suit the needs of any and all. It has shallow arch for stability and beautiful Canadian entry line for maneuverability. The small, lightweight package that you can transform your canoe into in just a few simple steps is useful not only for carrying over significant distances, but also for packing into trunks and under the seats of vans!



You may think that a cutting edge piece of craftsmanship and modern technology such as MYCANOE would be a strain on your wallet. However, MYCANOE is actually surprisingly affordable. For details on pricing and any special deals we may be offering right now, visit our website here and take a look at our prices today.


Environmentally Friendly

MYCANOE is a company that—because it manufactures outdoor adventure equipment—is naturally compelled to preserve nature and keep the outdoors pristine enough that you can enjoy them. That is why we are always looking for ways to make our products more efficiently, and designing them to last longer, for less waste.


Geared Towards Fun, Adventure and Happiness

Consider this canoe our investment in your health and happiness as a customer. Canoeing is just one of many outdoor activities that builds physical strength, happiness and general wellbeing for those who participate. Wherever you go and whoever you are with, we want to guarantee that you have the opportunity to stay healthy, do what you want, and look stylish doing it.

These are just a few of the things that make MYCANOE the great company and the great product it is today. For more on MYCANOE, and to see actions of MYCANOE in water from numerous angles, visit our website.