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October 06, 2016

How to Plan the Perfect Canoeing Trip

Thanks to the high quality origami folding canoe offered by MYCANOE, planning a canoeing trip will now be easier and more exciting than ever before. Here is a brief guide that can help get you out into nature and out on the water with as little trouble as possible.


Research and Choose a Location.The first step, as you might imagine, is picking a location for your trip. Most of the other details will revolve around this choice, after all. A few factors to keep in mind include the distance to and from the location, the difficulty level of the waters, the potential for camping sites in the nearby area, other local attractions, and the weather. The overall quality of each location can also be gauged based upon reviews found on the internet or in local publications--but it is also generally wise to take such review with a grain of salt. Check out our “where to paddle” resource offered through a partner of MyCanoe to get started!


Consider and Plan Other Activities.Depending on how long you plan on making your excursion (and how interested you are in the local attractions) you may need to plan for other activities besides just canoeing. Many people like to pair two days of canoeing with a night of camping; whereas others may also like to add visiting local towns, hunting, fishing, exploring and more.


Choose your Group.It is always safer and more enjoyable to canoe in groups, so be sure to invite a few friends along! Make sure you consider how many people will make for the best trip.  Invite early and assign any potential responsibilities (i.e. Who brings food, who brings the tent, etc.) as soon as possible.



The contents of your packing listwill vary widely depending on your plan for the excursion: the important thing is simply making a list, running it by a second person on your excursion,  and then double checking that all items are being brought. It is always better to be careful and thorough: going back home after you have already set out can really put a damper on the excitement. Moreover, if you have invested in a lightweight, foldable canoe such as the MyCanoe origami canoe, you will have all the room you could ask for to bring all that extra gear.


Leave a Float Plan

An important safety consideration: always leave behind your itinerary, a list of everyone in your group, and an expected date and time of return to at least two people who are not going to be on the trip. This helps ensure that, should something go wrong, you will get the help you need.


Have a Great Time!

Now is the time to enjoy the fruit of all your hard work! You’ve chosen a location, planned activities, invited and coordinated friends, packed up, and taken safety precautions. So hit the water and enjoy every moment of it!


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