5 Places to Float Your MyCanoe Solo or Duo Folding Canoe in Winter - MYCANOE

October 19, 2017

Here at MyCanoe, adventure is always on. A little snow and ice shouldn't keep you from traveling down the great bodies of waters across the continent. Where are the best places to explore this winter? We have five rivers, lakes, and parks to add to your winter bucket list.

1. Everglades National Park
Location: Southern Florida

Why we love it: The Mud Lake Loop is a five-hour paddle during the winter. Average temperatures are in the 60's, not too cold or hot, especially as most of the rest of the country is covered in snow and ice. From your canoe, you'll see a variety of birds who have traveled south for the winter. Who's in?

2. Neches River
Location: Eastern Texas

Why we love it: You'll be surrounded by cypress swamps and forests full of trees as you paddle down the river. Many people will camp along the banks over a three day period as they paddle the 39-mile river. The weather is usually a warm 70 degrees, but the nights get chilly. The Neches River is the perfect weekend adventure during the winter.

3. Lake Havasu
Location: Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Why we love it: Who doesn't enjoy the sunshine during the coldest months? You can canoe down the northern end of Lake Havasu by launching at Castle Rock or Mesquite Bay Central. The four-mile water trail will let you see some of the prettiest parts of Arizona and get a glimpse at the wildlife.

4. The Puget Sound
Location: Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia, Washington

Why we love it: The water trail is beyond gorgeous. You'll see beautiful snow-capped mountains from your canoe. The water can freeze in the winter, so keep your eye out on the weather if you're planning a trip. We suggest wearing a wetsuit!

5. The Mobile-Tensaw Delta
Location: Mobile, Alabama

Why we love it: It's home to the second largest delta in the country. If you like to fish, you'll want to book a trip during the coldest months. In the winter, you can flow with the current, and you'll find restaurants and fun places to visit along the water trail.

What are you waiting for? Pack up your canoe and adventure on!