MyCanoe Foldable Canoes Modernize Classic Folding Boat Design - MYCANOE

November 13, 2017

Three years. That's how long it took Jay Lee and his passionate team to finalize designs for their foldable canoe idea, which eventually turned into MyCanoe.

But, why a foldable canoe? Until MyCanoe hit the market, canoes had been bulky, not easy to transport, and a pain to store unless you had a garage or shed. Canoes, compared to other types of boats, offer a relaxing way to explore rivers, lakes, and oceans. Jay and his team felt that there was room to innovate the canoe design. Thus, MyCanoe was born.

For two years, they tested their design, working to correct the strength, flexibility, temperature, and pressure. They perfected the seam lines and tried various colors, discovering that most colors, like red and green, fade after use. The plastic welding of the bow and stern is a result of 2 years of research and development with 20 different versions, and they also tried over 20 different designs of the gunwale cap.

The first version took 30 minutes to assemble, was wobbly, and quite heavy. It didn't meet the standards the team had put into place when they ventured off to build a foldable canoe, but it did stay afloat on the water!

The very first MyCanoe design.
Finally, the design came together, resulting in an award-winning, patented, and TUV certified foldable canoe that can go from box to adventure in less than 10 minutes.  Adventurers who didn't have giant sheds or garages could now own their very own canoe.  Those with small cars didn't have to worry about transportation. 

"It's a cool project! Keeps us from sleeping. It makes us think about new ideas every day - new designs, accessories, and products," says Jay Lee.

Where will MyCanoe head next? We've already begun selling some new accessories, different versions of MyCanoe, and released MyDinghy. No matter what new products we come up with, we'll still stay true to our mission:

Carry less. Explore more. We get you started on your adventure sooner and help you explore longer. MyCanoe is ready for an adventure when you are.