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MyCanoe Folding Duo Canoe for Two

Experience the unmatched combination of simplicity and performance. Ships From South Korea, Delivers in 7-10 Days.

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John W. (Bracebridge, CA)
Gliding on a mirror

Highly recommend adding a trolling motor. Less than $150 CAD at Bass Pro. Easier to handle alone in a bit of wind with a motor and the battery as ballast in the middle. To turn sharp drag a paddle. When it's too windy to paddle use the motor to go upwind then retract it and drift back. Silently. No sore arms or shoulders the next day. No blisters. Go out every nice day to a different spot and change of scenery. We use Coleman stadium seats with back support that roll up. Effortless way to watch the fall colours slide by. Have gone on trips over 7 miles with a 53 lb AGM battery. Could be 15+ miles with a 20 lb LFP.
Bought a DC House 100 Ah LFP battery now for 15+ mile range without paddling. Only 22 lbs instead of 53 lbs. Far easier to carry. $100 LESS cost than AGM as well. Only $250 Cdn including tax on sale and promotion.
The 31 lb reduction in battery weight is almost equivalent to the weight of camping gear.
We plan on going camping with this rig.

John W. (Bracebridge, CA)
Electric Fold-Up Canoe

Added a 30 lb thrust trolling motor for near silent, effortless gliding along at 2.5 mph for 2+ hrs with a sealed AGM battery. Very zen. 4 mph top speed. Motor can be mounted on either side.
Motor bracket is made from 1x4 (0.75" x 3.5") 48" long red oak from Home Depot. Cut 7" off and cut in two for clamps. Motor block is 7"x3.5"x1.75". Marine varnish on wood. Galvanized angle brackets are 3"x.75" cut and bent into a U shape to clip below gunwales diagonally. 5/16" threaded rod, nuts and loctite to wingnuts tighten motor bracket to gunwales. Threaded rod contacts and presses on 1.5" square mending plate on top of wooden motor bracket.
Regular canoes are tough to transport and handle alone. Mycanoe is no problem at all. Fantastic way to enjoy the water. The battery weighs more than the canoe. May get an LFP battery that is half the weight and over twice the energy for over twice the endurance. 5-10X the life of lead acid. LFP is much cheaper per energy stored and much easier to handle with half the weight. Will not overheat or catch on fire even if punctured. Long life is much better environmentally.
Bought a DC House 100 Ah LFP battery now for 25 km+ range without paddling. Only 22 lbs instead of 53 lbs. $100 LESS cost than AGM. Only $250 Cdn including tax on sale and promotion.
Canoe is assembled on grass and the motor bracket attached. Check the angle brackets are clipped under gunwales all the way. Then lift the canoe and bracket and put it in the water beside a dock so your feet don't get wet. Load the battery first to counteract the weight of the motor on one side then the motor and the rest from the dock. Outrigger floats aren't needed.

Craig R. (San Jose, US)
All that I expected, and more!

I'd been looking for over a year for a portable canoe or kayak that would hold two adults and a medium-sized dog. The MyCanoe Duo is better than I had hoped! Each time I set it up it goes a little faster; at this point having done it 5 times, I think my wife and I have it down to about 7 minutes. It's convenient to fit in the trailer storage of our 5th-wheel, and it handles just like the aluminum canoe I grew up paddling. We've been on lakes and even an ocean inlet in northern California, and even with some choppy water, it handles like a rigid canoe. My only regret is that I didn't find this sooner!

James V. (Philadelphia, US)
Nice boat

Shipped out fast but UPS let it sit at there transfer point in my state for 5 days. Got it in time for our camping trip with our small gasser Class A
To my shock I was able to stow it over a pass through with no wiggle room or any tolerance. Took a bit of figuring without reviewing the manual or utubes but that's my way. Was a long hike to and from the boat launch but we made many stops to and from and less effort to pull across the thick grass. I will making a strap on wheel set. The rowing clamps are a amazing design as the boat. Using the ores as canoe paddles are good but as rowers I was able to pretty much double the speed with muck less effort. The connection holes in the ores seem to be too close to the hand grips and smack together every stroke so it's a timing issue to keep pace. It will be difficult to retrofit the adjustment. Overall after countless small boat hours umder put seats both my wife and I beyond happy with this great addition to our RV'n adventures.

Kim K. (Manchester, US)
A wonderful addition to my flotilla

I have been enjoying my new canoe very much in the 1st week I have owned it. Putting it together and dissembling it has been like wrestling an alligator but aside from the cursing, I have reminded myself it will get better and that it's not about strength, but leverage. That's been a help. It's quite a workout, but gets me ready to paddle! Being a 68 year old out of shape woman isn't the boats' fault! =:D

The boat feels very stable and solid when I'm paddling. The first few times out, it pulled to Port, but by concentrating on my paddling stroke and also bending the bow and stern "fin", this has been eliminated.

It's a great addition to my flotilla of boats. I own inflatables, a hard shell kayak and another foldable, a TUCKTEC kayak, so the concept is not new to me. It's great to have a bigger boat to take friends and family along with me.