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MyCanoe Refurbished Rowing Kit

Save $$$ with these certified refurbished rowing kits. Fully inspected to meet the functional quality standards of a new rowing kit. The same 1-year warranty. 

Refurbished rowing kits can be both unused or slightly used for demo or display (thus they may have scratches and marks).

A set of oar locks and oars used for these canoe models - Solo, Duo and POP. This is not suitable for The Solo 2 Canoe.

Rowing kit allows installing your oars in any locations on gunwales for easy rowing and you don’t need to worry about losing oars in the water. The kit includes two locks and two oars. The oars can be used as paddles.

    1. The kit includes two locks and two oars. The oars can be used as paddles.
    2. The oars are 60 inch long and can be separated as 2 parts for easy storage and transport.
    3. You can install two sets of rowing kits to make it a rowing team!
  • The MyCanoe Rowing Kit is compatible with MyCanoe DuoMyCanoe Solo and POP. 

Customer Reviews

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Jean G. (Verdun, CA)
Refurbished Rowing Kit

Very well constructed. High tech pieces. My only issue is not with the product. It is about shipping fees and duty for Canada. Our fault. It cost more for shipping and duty for a refurb item than the price of the item itself! Returning to the item, I will use it to design a platform to mount an electric motor! Looking forward!

What’s included?

A pair of oars, oar locks and a carrying pouch.

Compatible canoes?

Works with only Duo and Solo.


MyCanoe comes with a 1-year warranty. For full details, read our FAQs.


MyCanoe has a 30-day return policy. For full details, read our FAQs.

Where will MyCanoe take you?

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