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*NEW* MyCanoe Solo 2: Origami Folding Canoe Boat

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Experience the perfect blend of convenience, performance, and durability with our lightest canoe design.

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Warranty: MyCanoe Solo 2 comes with a 1-year warranty.
Returns: MyCanoe Solo 2 has a 30 day return policy. For full details read our FAQs. If you cancel your order, there will be a 2.9-4.9% transaction fee that unfortunately can't be refunded.

Customer Reviews

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Dan H. (Plano, US)
Really like it

Mine arrived last week and I've used it twice on the lake. I only went out in calm water but it worked great. Fairly easy and quick to assemble. The folds are kind of stiff, especially if it's cold. It's so much lighter than the mycanoe duo that I have. I know someone asked about using it with a large dog. I don't think I would have room for my 40 lb dog and me and still be able to paddle comfortably. I am about 6'4 and #200. If you are smaller you might be able to make it work but I will use the duo with my dogs.

Katy w. (Rochester, US)
Great canoe at a decent price

I have a small car and wanted a foldable boat. The Solo2 was the right price and a lot cheaper than other foldable boats. Everyone made fun of me, until I got it unfolded, in the water and took off. With the seat rest and a solid kayak paddle I was able to feel safe and comfortable out on the water. Haven’t tried it with any kind of waves- but in a very flat Lake Erie- it was perfect!